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References in Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks, to you & your team for beautiful flowers all summer long. My visitors are impressed. I particulary appreciate the little things such as filling the bird baths, keeping my house numbers trimmed, sweeping the front walk, etc. You and your two guys are so pleasant.

William A. B.
Colorado Springs, CO
Many thanks to you, Ms. Vickie and all, for helping to make our home beautiful. We appreciate all your hard work.

Barbara P.
Colorado Springs, CO
“Your pleasant and efficient gardeners have been absolutely fabulous on all my flower-beds. A year ago many plants in various beds had died. Now, after your care, they have been revived and/or replaced and maintained beautifully, plus the entire garden looks great.”

Susan C.
Monument, CO
We do not give out the names and phone numbers of our clients, but call or email us at floralgardening@comcast.net, so you can see some of our work, without disturbing the residents.